The term “technology” can have a broad definition when it’s applied to the decorated apparel industry. Most may think it only applies to advances in equipment (like direct-to-film), and while that’s true, technology like AI, the metaverse, chip technology, and more also find a crossroads in the decorated apparel community.

Join Apparelist Content Director Cassie Green along with guests David Clifton, chief marketing and customer experience officer at alphabroder, and Jenna Sackett, brand activation manager at STAHLS’, to discuss a variety of technologies that touch the apparel community. Key points in the conversation include:

  • The emergence of direct-to-film printing and how it’s revolutionizing garment decorating
  • How fabric composition and NFC chip technology like that in the new Threadfast Tap Tee affect decoration methods
  • What AI, digital apparel collections, and the Metaverse mean for apparel decorators

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