Happy new year! We are back with the newly-branded Print & Promo Marketing Podcast. Our first guest of 2024 is Jeremy Parker, founder of Swag Space. Swag Space is sort of an off-shoot of Swag.com and its 2021 acquisition by Custom Ink.

Jeremy was the co-founder and former CEO of Swag.com, and says that Swag Space is meant to be a new era of distributor ease, where the white-label service provides assistance with some of the largest pain points in the industry, like artwork, pricing, supply chain, and more.

Brendan and Jeremy discuss how Swag Space fits into the current promotional products industry, and how distributors who are concerned about direct-to-consumer rivals might not have a reason to fear innovation like Swag Space.

Swag Space will be at the PPAI Expo next week to perform in-person demos, as long as virtual demos on its website. You can check them out at www.swag.space.

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