"We're here to become a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to be a household name. So these types of initiatives really just break through and surprise and delight our customers."

That's Katie Nahoum, senior vice president of marketing for Whisps, the consumer cheese snack brand, and she's talking about her company's latest promotional merchandise effort: personalized, edible sculptures made from 100% cheese. The campaign effectively uses physical merch (in this case, cheese sculptures) to drive digital engagement, and Katie joined the show to tell us how. She also talked personalization, shared what goes into Whisps' branded merchandise strategy, and much more.

Plus, Sean and Brendan recap the two huge acquisitions that just happened in promo (S&S Activewear buying TSC Apparel and Custom Ink acquiring Swag.com) and pick their favorite items from A24's big movie merchandise auction.

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