It's no secret that we loved Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl ad, which brought to life a QVC-style home shopping network filled with weird and wonderful avocado merch (like baby carriers and velour track suits ... for your avocado). The multichannel campaign featured creative web and social media elements, but best of all, it put branded merchandise front and center on the biggest possible stage.

Josh Gross and Pedro Perez, co-chief creative officers for Energy BBDO, the Chicago-based ad agency behind the campaign, joined the show to talk about how it all came together, the merch design process and Molly Ringwald's delightfully game appearance in the television spot. They also shared insights on using promotional products to tell a story.

Plus, Sean and Brendan take a look at the top 30 most recognizable logos according to Vistaprint. Where's Target? Which way does the Red Bull face? And what's with all these car brand logos, you guys?

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