After a successful career running Sorrento Mesa Printing, a full-service printing company based in San Diego, Scott Cappel was ready to retire. Then, on a whim, he went to PPAI Expo 2019, and was so blown away by the industry he decided to jump in as a promo distributor. Thus, Sorrento Mesa Promo was born.

Scott was kind enough to join the show to talk about why he made the switch, what he's learned so far, what he still has to learn, and how his experience on the print supplier side carried over to promo. Scott is a sales pro, but the whole conversation was a good window into the industry from a newcomer's standpoint.

Plus, Sean and Brendan use Sean's no-music running debacle as a springboard to discuss the ways modern technology has rendered some older tech obsolete and remember the mythical iPod Sock.

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