Buyer habits are changing in a lot of different ways, but one of the biggest shifts is the growing demand for safe, sustainable and ethically sourced promotional products. Tim Brown, executive director, operations for Quality Certification Alliance, joined the show to tell us why those things matter to modern promo buyers and how brand safety represents a big opportunity for promo businesses, while giving some real-life worst-case scenarios of compliance gone wrong.

Tim also talked about QCA's reworked participation model, which makes it easier for promo businesses of all shapes and sizes to join the brand safety revolution, and geeked out about the organization's rebrand featuring a new logo and website.

Plus, the show turns 1 year old! Sean and Brendan discuss Disney's extremely rad new Star Wars theme parks merch, part of an immersive experience that includes build-your-own interactive droids and specially designed Coca-Cola bottles. We may have a cup-holder crisis on our hands here, people!

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