The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, the mega promotional products expo featuring 4,300 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees, recently wrapped its 33rd year. In attendance was Dan Jellinek, executive vice president of The Magnet Group, who joined Sean and Brendan for episode 3 of the Promo Marketing Podcast to talk takeaways from that show and the Canton Fair.

Dan gave us the inside scoop on pricing (lots of volatility), products (where's all the new tech promos?!), color trends (so much grey) and more from his trip. He also talked about a shipping change the promo industry should steal from Amazon, and warned us of the perils of 13-hour flights with no way to charge your electronics.

Plus, Sean and Brendan chat about the ups and downs of non-industry competitors and discuss Elon Musk's terrible meeting advice!

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