Tariffs, trade wars and other scary-sounding words have been all over the news as the U.S. gears up to take on China over trade. PPAI has already pushed back against what it called "harmful" legislation, but how much will the proposed tariffs actually impact the promotional products industry?

We set out to answer that question in episode 2 of the Promo Marketing Podcast, as Sean and Brendan sat down with Caro Krissman, former CEO of Source Abroad and current chairman of INLT, a customs brokerage and trade and compliance technology firm. Joined by Chris Reynolds and Andre LaMorgia, also of INLT, the gang discusses what we can realistically expect from the tariffs, speculates on worst-case scenarios and looks at some maybe less obvious ways the legislation could affect the industry.

Plus, Sean and Brendan provide an update on the surprise closing of Nationwide Promotions LLC and talk about a topic they hold very dear—SPACE HOTEL!

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