Every promo distributor is bound to run into artwork issues at some point. What do you do when it happens? How do you make things right for your client but also salvage the relationship with your supplier? What can suppliers do to make the artwork process easier for distributors? We talked to the gang at Tricor Brand Communications, a distributor based in Portland, Ore., to find out.

Mike Button, Melita Callahan and Shawna Robinson joined the show to walk us through an artwork mishap they're working through right now, to give us some real-time perspective on navigating tricky decorating issues.

Plus, it's the accidental pizza episode! Sean discusses a cool idea for a pizza-shop promo he spied on vacation, and Sean and Brendan rank big pizza chain branding. Which national chain has the best logo? Which city is the unlikely Pizza Capital of America? And what the heck is "Papa Murphy's?" Find out on this episode!

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