Like many promo distributors during the pandemic, The Identity Source has found success in kitting, assembling curated swag boxes for clients to send to attendees as part of their virtual events. But the company has taken a unique approach that elevates its "Event in a Box" program to another level, providing a "similar experience to visiting a booth at a trade show." Patrick Wyant, business development manager for The Identity Source, joined the show to give us the details.

The distributor has partnered with a local video production company to offer professional virtual-event hosting services for clients to go with the boxes. It has also found clever ways to incorporate items local to each event and to use every part of the boxes—including the exterior—to create a comprehensive marketing solution for customers. Wyant also told us where he sees these kinds of kits fitting once in-person events resume (and much more).

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss words and phrases they can't stand and dive deeper into two big recent news stories: FedEx Office getting into promo and Patagonia no longer adding corporate logos to its apparel.

Click here to view a few of the kits The Identity Source assembled for the "Event in a Box" program.

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