Apparel is the promo industry's top-selling product category, but most promo distributors don't have the equipment, expertise or time to decorate in house. That makes it crucial to find and work with good decorator partners—and to get the most out of those partnerships to deliver the best branded apparel for clients.

Justin Lawrence, owner of Oklahoma Shirt Company, a custom screen printing company based in Oklahoma City, joined the show to share a decorator's perspective on how to do just that. Justin told us what distributors should look for in a decorator, how to simplify the order process and what common mistakes to avoid. He also told us about the big apparel trends he's seeing, and much more.

Plus, it's a Rocket City Trash Pandas appreciation episode! Sean and Brendan geek out over everyone's favorite Minor League Baseball team reaching $4 million in merchandise sales before ever playing a game and discuss the lack of branded mask giveaways at pro sports events.

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