A few episodes back, we talked to Parker Melvin, who made the jump from the distributor side to his current role with supplier Goldstar Pens. This time around, we took a look at a jump the other way, as Jeff Laniado joined the show to discuss his move from Top 50 distributor Axis Promotions to CBS, where he serves as head promo buyer for the network's television programming, awards shows, sporting events and more.

Jeff gave us the inside scoop on how his distributor past informs his promo buying, what it's like making the switch, what your average promo buyer is looking for, and the single biggest thing that differentiates great distributors from good ones. He also gave some advice on landing large accounts like CBS, and let us in on some common mistakes distributors make when pitching prospects. (Let's just say Jeff isn't a fan of the suitcase full of samples.)

Plus, GRITTY! Sean and Brendan discuss the lovable nightmare muppet who took over the world and the marketing windfall that ensued for the Philadelphia Flyers. They also talk Dunkin's name change, Domino's genius plan to fill potholes and the perils of taking your kids to horror movies by the guy who directed "Hostel."

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