Is the word "distributor" outdated? Does it need to be updated to better reflect the changing nature of the job and the greatly enhanced capabilities of modern distributor companies? That's what PPAI President Dale Denham suggested in a recent article and accompanying LinkedIn post, the latter of which generated a ton of interesting discussion online.

Sandra Kelley, founder and chief operating officer of Prestige Promotions, a distributor based in Michigan, was one of the participants in that discussion, and she joined the PM Podcast to share her thoughts. Among them: Why she doesn't refer to herself as a distributor (and what she uses instead), whether or not it's (1) necessary and (2) possible to overhaul the industry's naming conventions, and why these conversations matter.

Plus, the gang reacts to the news that distributors were once called "jobbers," apparently. See, change is good!

But that's not all: Sean and Brendan also discuss Elon Musk's new 9% stake in Twitter and play "Two Truths and a Lie: Headlines Edition," where Sean gives Brendan two real news stories and one he made up. Can Brendan guess the fake correctly? Find out on this action-packed episode!

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