Imprint Engine is a distributor that bills itself as an "end-to-end swag and print platform." The company is using technology in some very cool ways, and its fast growth—from $13 million in 2021 revenue to a projected $20 million in 2022—offers some clues to the direction the promo industry is heading and what today's promo buyers want (and need) from their distributor partners.

Caleb Gilbertson, Imprint Engine's co-founder and CEO, and Zach Sussman, its chief marketing officer, joined the show to share some lessons from the company's success and discuss how the recent boom in HR-related spending is creating huge opportunities for promo businesses. They also told us about the growth of online stores, why the single-source approach matters more than ever, and much more.

Plus, Sean and Brendan talk all things Wordle. How has the New York Times (Wordle's new owner as of January) not yet released any official Wordle branded merchandise? What's your favorite starting word? What does it feel like to guess the Wordle on your first try (like Brendan did)? We ask those questions and more while also giving away a billion-dollar idea for Wordle merch. Don't miss out.

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