HUB Promotional Group has been on an acquisitions hot-streak lately, buying six different promo suppliers since 2017, most recently Origaudio and BCG Creations. Joe Fleming, president of HUB Promotional Group, joined the program to talk about the company's overall strategy and take us behind the moves. Oh, and Joe brought friends! We made it a promo party with HUB's Trina Bicknell and Mike Fleming, and Debco's Alex Morin, giving us some inside and outside perspective on the acquisitions.

The gang talked about how some of the moves came to be, how HUB selects suppliers for acquisitions, what this kind of consolidation means for the industry overall and, most importantly, what distributors can expect from HUB Promotional Group moving forward. Why is everyone involved in these acquisitions so excited about them? Listen and find out!

Plus, Sean and Brendan put the jokes on pause (OK, there are still some jokes) to talk about that Fast Company article that shook the promo industry to its core, and preview the upcoming Promo Marketing feature story going deep on the article's impact and the industry's response.

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