Ch ch ch ah ah ah. Ahhh! What was that? Guys? Anyone?! Help!

Oh, nevermind, it's just our spooktastic Halloween special! In the spirit of everyone's favorite haunted holiday, Jay Busselle joined the show to discuss branding nightmares, his favorite Halloween promotions and scary marketing in general. Is your promo business making any of the branding mistakes Jay mentioned? Listen and find out! Jay also told us how he started PromoChat, the industry's premier weekly Twitter gathering, and what it's taught him about how suppliers and distributors use social media.

Plus, Sean and Brendan talk Burger King's disgusting new nightmare sandwich, a horrifying "Resident Evil" marketing campaign involving a VCR, brands going too far with pumpkin spice (you leave our Frosted Flakes out of this, Kellogg's), and more. Is this episode loaded with Halloween puns and soundboard effects? You know it is! Don't listen alone. You've been warned!

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