Sustainability is becoming a bigger deal to consumers, especially younger ones, which in turn makes it a big deal for brands. That's part of the reason Ben Grossman, co-president of Grossman Marketing Group, helped launch SwagCycle, an incredibly cool and surprisingly accessible three-step program that helps companies repurpose or recycle obsolete promotional products.

Ben joined the show to tell us how SwagCycle went from idea to reality and gave us some real-life examples of big-name brands that have already participated in the program. He explained not just the "how," but also the "why" behind SwagCycle, as we discussed the program's greater place in promo and the exciting possibilities it holds.

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss Facebook's new feature that allows artists, athletes and other celebrities to sell merch directly through the platform, and follow up on that Area 51 raid that somehow actually (sort of) happened.

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