Forward Madison FC is a professional soccer team based in Madison, Wisconsin. Despite playing in the upper American Midwest, the team's logo crest is a pink flamingo. It once (successfully) sold branded potatoes as merch. And it consistently turns out some of the most inventive and effective merchandising and promotional marketing in all of professional sports.

Conor Caloia, chief operating officer and one of the team's owners, and Chase Eagan, director of merchandising, joined the show to tell us more about one of those promotional marketing efforts: a QR code-enabled jersey (sorry, "kit") that lets fans anywhere in the world buy a beer for fans at the stadium. Conor and Chase also got into their merchandise philosophy, their future plans and much more.

Plus, Sean and Brendan analyze Cameo's move into branded merchandise by discussing which Cameo stars they'd choose for a personalized shoutout of the PM Podcast. And they become certified "Shreksperts" on the internet's thriving Shrek merchandise economy.

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