Dale Denham's 2018 #Online18, the annual list of the promotional products industry's top social media influencers, launched last week. It's one of our favorite stories of the year, so we invited Dale, who moonlights as Geiger's chief information officer when he's not blogging for Promo Marketing, to give us a behind the scenes look at the list—and he obliged! We asked Dale how he came up with the idea for the Online18, how it's changed over the years, what it takes to make the list, why and how he chose the great group of folks he did, how to best use social media for your promo business or personal brand, and a ton more.

Dale also gets into the specific (and extremely cool) ways Bill Petrie, Jay Busselle, Mark Graham, Natasha Rawls and others members of the Online18 are using social media to engage followers and, most importantly, to give back to the promo community.

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss all things social media, including Wendy's very good Twitter game (and very bad commercials), IHOP's viral marketing fiasco, what social channels make the most sense for B2B and more. And don't miss it as we play a new and exciting game inspired by Elon Musk's insane Twitter feed: "Elon Tweets: Real or Fake?" featuring such mysterious gems as "I have prehensile eyebrows" and "Oh btw I'm building a cyborg dragon." You'll be on the edge of your seat!

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