David Paleschuck is the author of "Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis," an Amazon top-selling book on advertising and marketing in the fast-growing (pun intended) legal cannabis industry.

The market presents some huge opportunities for promo businesses, but it's also rapidly evolving as state legalization laws change and new companies enter the space. David joined the show to provide an in-depth look at what cannabis companies are doing from a promotional marketing standpoint, how they’re using packaging, some of the legal and ethical questions involved in marketing and advertising cannabis products, and what distributors should know about working with these companies.

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss the "rules" for wearing band T-shirts as they search for answers to the most important question of our time: "Exactly how many of a band's songs should you be required to name before you're allowed to wear that band's T-shirt?"

Check out David's book here.

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