We're back—and in a big way! Late last year, Brand Fuel's Danny Rosin published an article on LinkedIn titled "The Future of Promotional Marketing." In it, he outlined 19 different ideas—some realistic, some radical, all thought-provoking—about where the promo industry is heading and, more importantly, why it needs to go that way.

The article has since gone (dare we say) viral, generating buzz on Promo LinkedIn and running in multiple industry publications. Danny joined the show to dig deeper into three of his ideas—merging digital activation with in-person brand experience, design beyond the logo and hyper-customization—and explain how they look in practice. He also shares his idea for "Promo Tinder," which is probably not what you think it is.

Plus, the gang does their best Macho Man Randy Savage impressions (we promise this is relevant), Sean and Brendan discuss bringing your branded flamethrower on an Italian party bus, and we break down S&S Activewear's private equity announcement.

This jam-packed episode is sponsored by the good folks at StickerYou!

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