The cannabis market is booming as more states legalize marijuana in some form or another, with dispensaries popping up all over, hemp production now legal in the U.S. and a cottage industry forming around CBD products. Eric Rubin, president of Blue Generation, joined the show to talk about the tremendous promotional products sales opportunities this so-far untapped market presents, and the numbers are staggering: The $22 billion industry is expected to reach more than $46 billion in value by 2027.

What kinds of promo items are those companies looking for? Are there any ethical or legal issues to consider before selling? Rubin answered those questions and more, and gave us an inside look at Blue Generation's line of promotional apparel aimed at the cannabis market. Is there a style 420? You know there is!

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss the branded merchandise offering at what is officially the last Blockbuster in existence, and look back fondly on the Golden Age of Video Rental. Get your JNCO jeans ready, because only '90s kids will remember this episode!

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