The PM gang gets meta as Bart Simpson, vice president of client development for Flywheel Brands, a print and promotional marketing services provider based in Tennessee, joins the show to talk podcasting! Bart, who co-hosts Flywheel's own podcast, told us how other promo professionals can start their own shows (no matter the size of their business) and why it's a good idea for anyone.

If podcasting isn't your thing, fear not: Bart also shared his thoughts on leadership, managing teams and more. And we turned the tables by asking him the Flywheel podcast's signature question: What does greatness mean to you? His answer was inspiring.

Plus, Sean and Brendan welcome back baseball season with a spirited discussion about ballpark giveaways. Who decided XL shirts should be the default size for T-shirt promotions? Why did one team actually have lower attendance on promotional nights? How much ice cream could you fit in a full-size replica batting helmet? Listen in for the answers to those questions and more!

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