Barefoot Swag Powered by Proforma is a three-person operation that sells almost entirely online, but that hasn't stopped it from topping $1 million in sales. How has the small distributor found so much success competing with the big online mega-players? Owners Britni Levitt and Rhonda Reedy joined the show to share their story.

We also asked the dynamic duo about Barefoot Swag's lengthy page of glowing customer reviews, maintaining work-life balance as small-business owners and their experience as a fully woman owned and operated company in the promo industry. Plus, they told us how being part of a network like Proforma's has helped them grow their business.

Meanwhile, Sean and Brendan discussed some ways to solicit customer feedback and how to use it (good and bad) to make your business better. And Sean lays out his revolutionary Pop Tarts legislation that will one day be the cornerstone of his congressional campaign platform.

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