We covered Taco Bell's immensely popular and successful branded merchandise campaigns last year, and BAMKO—the Top 50 distributor behind them—even let us in on some of the creative process. But we wanted to know more, and Phil Koosed, president of BAMKO, was kind enough to oblige.

Phil joined the show to give us even more detailed look at the Taco Bell campaign—how it was conceived, how BAMKO created "Instagrammable" promotional products designed to reach younger demographics, and the lessons he's learned from working with massive brands. We also got into the need for (and power of) better ROI tracking, why corporate social responsibility is a necessity these days, and the pros and cons of promo's increasing private equity influx.

Plus, Sean and Brendan talk about Weezer's miraculous ability to stay relevant through viral marketing despite not putting out a good record since 2002, and try to get Phil to spill the beans about working with the super-secretive Tesla and whether or not he knows friend-of-the-show Elon Musk.

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