Now that we're all back from Las Vegas, Bill Mahre, president of ADG Promotional Products, joined the show to recap and review PPAI Expo 2019. Bill is also just beginning his term on the PPAI board, so we asked him about his vision for the industry and what he wants to accomplish during his tenure.

Bill told us about how he wants to bring lessons learned in his decades of experience outside the industry (with Procter & Gamble, the Minnesota Twins and others) to PPAI leadership, in hopes of guiding the industry toward a new, modern supply chain structure that can compete with Amazon and other big business threats. The key? Making promo quicker, easier and better for the end-buyer.

Plus, Bill tells about turning down a role in a major Hollywood motion picture, and Sean and Brendan talk Fyre Festival, sad Las Vegas gas station names and their Expo 2019 experience.

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