Cassie Green

Cassie Green

Cassie Green is a Senior Content Editor at NAPCO Media, focusing on the apparel community as well as curating content across other brands. She can be reached at

Find the Right Fit with Socks and Footwear

Socks and even shoes are great items to get your clients something cool and unique for their branding campaigns. Believe it or not, paying attention to trends when it comes to footwear is just as crucial as T-shirts.

Keeping Up on Business Casual Apparel Trends

While scratchy, stiff styles are out, business casual apparel is still in existence — it just feels different. The better question is, do you offer these new styles to your customers looking for comfortable, stylish, professional branded gear?

Set Yourself Up as a Solutions Provider, Not a Salesperson

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just sell your client a product and move on. Instead, distributors must be more than that: advocate, guide, adviser, etc. Distributors are doing more than selling these days — they are offering a service.

Athletic Apparel: A Trend That's Here to Stay?

Even as we shift back to hybrid work environments, in-person events and world travel, athletic apparel’s naturally comfortable fit will dominate the branding and advertising world. The question is, what styles are here to stay within this category and what are you, as a distributor, doing to capitalize on them?

Hot Apparel Trends to Remember for 2023

At the close of every year, the fashion world gets a little makeover. Some apparel trends will stay around for the long term, whereas others fade in and out quickly. Most trends are dictated by retail and global influences, and while distributors probably aren’t going straight to the runway or H&M for the latest looks,…

Warm Up Your Sales With Outerwear and Jackets

Seasonal changes represent a big opportunity for distributors when it comes to branded merchandise. As the summer months wrap up and we say goodbye to warm weather, businesses and organizations are preparing their cool-weather campaigns. That means instead of umbrellas and coolers, they’re looking for scarves and fuzzy blankets. When it comes to branded apparel,…

How Promotional Caps and Headwear Fit Into Today’s E-Commerce World

The pandemic expedited the growth of the digital retail world, forcing promo distributors and their customers to quickly ramp up their online presence. But to truly stand out in an inundated virtual world of ads, marketing and more, distributors must stay on trend with their headwear offerings in order to achieve the best ROI possible for everyone...

2022 Style Guide: 5 Trending Fashion Looks (and How to Bring Them to Promo)

Whether it's the ongoing influence of sustainability or the growing power of millennial buyers, 2022 apparel trends are a combination of re-emerging nostalgia and renewed optimism. As styles new and old make their way into the promo industry, distributors should pay attention to what’s hip if they want their sales to grow. Here are five style trends to watch...

Can't Find T-shirt Stock? Try These 8 Ways to Save the Order

The T-shirt has long been one of the most popular promotional products. But not even the mighty tee is immune to supply chain challenges. As everyone struggles to piece together orders and track down inventory, the good news is there are some things distributors and decorators can do to improve their chances. Here are eight ideas...