Amanda L. Cole

Amanda L. Cole

Amanda L. Cole is the editor-in-chief of NonProfit PRO. She was formerly editor-in-chief of special projects for NonProfit PRO’s sister publication, Promo Marketing. Contact her at

Are We Gearing Up for a Promo M&A Boom? (And What to Know If You're Buying or Selling)

The print side of the industry has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions since the start of the pandemic, but the promo side has been relatively quiet. Here's how a top supplier and top distributor have navigated the M&A landscape—plus, what to know if you’re buying or selling, and what’s in store for industry M&A in 2021 and beyond...

3 Things to Know About Promotional T-shirts (a Year Into the Pandemic)

The ever-popular T-shirt is still that, though it has taken on a new role within the past year as an actual everyday essential. Now, the same tee can transition from a full work day to a (virtual) happy hour and even to bedtime. For wearers, comfort matters just as much as durability. These are just a few of the ways the T-shirt market has changed...