As we know all too well, promotional product prices are up (way up, for some categories), and they're expected to keep rising throughout the year. That means distributors need a solid plan to preserve their margins while still keeping customers happy.

Whitestone Branding, a distributor based in New York City, has had great success doing just that. Emily Jaworski, business development manager for Whitestone, and Dominique Volker, the company's vice president, joined the show to tell us what's working for them, what they're expecting for the rest of the year, how they're dealing with the one-two punch of price increases and inventory issues, and a lot more.

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss Twitter's branded merchandise future now that famed merch-lover Elon Musk bought the social media platform, and offer up some free product ideas Elon can use for the online store. Twitter branded flamethrower, anyone?

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