Put on your party hats and get your noisemakers ready, because it's a PM Podcast super special bonus extravaganza as we celebrate our 50th episode with an in-depth look at our just-released 2021 Top Distributors list. And, like any good party, we've got VIP guests!

Jo Gilley, CEO of Overture Promotions, joined the show to tell us how her company grew sales from $81.6 million to $126.9 million in the middle of the pandemic (and from $60.6 million the year before) en route to a No. 14 overall finish on this year's Top 75 list. She also told us how Overture is navigating the supply chain issues plaguing the industry and gave advice for other distributors looking to grow in a tough business climate.

And, Print+Promo editor-in-chief Elise Carr joins Sean and Brendan to discuss the big takeaways, surprises and success stories from the 2021 Top Distributors list. Plus: wasp infestations, band T-shirt rules revisited and much more. We told you it's a party!

Download the full 2021 Top Distributors list here for the final ranking, lists by product category, the Top 25 Fastest-Growing list and much more. It's free!

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