iClick was by far the biggest riser on our 2018 Top Suppliers list, jumping 29 spots from 2017 after growing sales by an astonishing 275 percent to $53.3 million. Taek Sung, senior vice president of sales and marketing for iClick, joined the show to talk about the supplier's success. Of course we asked him about PopSockets, but we also got into iClick's plans for continuing its momentum, the importance of customer experience and the unexpected pitfalls of rapid growth. Such as: Do you have enough parking spaces? What about bathrooms? These are the important, overlooked details, people!

We also chatted about content marketing—a big part of iClick's marketing plans and part of the supplier's overall efforts to educate and assist distributors. "We want to make sure people understand the whole ecosystem around selling [a] solution and what the value proposition is," Sung told us.

Plus, Sean and Brendan discuss the sudden closing of supplier Colorado Timberline due to a ransomware attack and what industry companies can do to protect themselves from cyber attacks. And Sean does some soul-searching after a deep dive down the One Direction rabbit hole.

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