We're back! After a brief summer hiatus (they confiscated our phones at sleepaway camp), the PM Podcast returns with Tricia Lyster, marketing manager for alphabroder. Tricia joined the show to discuss alphabroder's Digital Lounge, a repository of videos, social media posts and a whole bunch of other digital marketing materials available for free to distributors.

The gang talked about why the shift toward more retail-style digital marketing and creative is a logical step for promo distributors, how small shops (especially) can benefit from digital resources like these, and the overall state of marketing in the promo industry.

Plus, Sean and Brendan catch up on everything they missed since the last episode, including the big PromoMBA news, stats from the 2019 Top Distributors List, some interesting merch news from "Stranger Things," and naming your kids after video game companies.

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