Putting Pretty
March 1, 2014

Golf apparel has come a long way since a simple cotton men's polo. Now, the category is as complex and diverse as any other, full of its own distinctive features, decoration strategies, and style offerings for both men and women.

2013 Apparel Preview
December 1, 2012

As we wrap up 2012, apparel suppliers are preparing to introduce their newest products inspired by seasonal changes and flattering fits. Upcoming fashion trends for 2013 include a variety of bright colors like compass gold and purple orchid, additions to wovens like polos with pockets, and versatile designs like athletic wear that can be worn to the office. Take a look below for a sneak peek of what is about to become popular in casual, corporate and active apparel.

Girl Talk
May 1, 2012

Apparel suppliers are drawing from retail chains, echoing runway looks and employing clever designs to make women's apparel more flattering than ever.

Survival of the Fittest
September 1, 2011

The months of barbecues, beach days and hair-frizzing humidity are over. You've already sent out your back-to-school promotions and now you're focusing on the shiver-inducing task of selling outerwear. 

Editor's Picks: Office Culture
August 17, 2011

Your client's office is special. It doesn't adhere to the same old corporate drab of other places of business. Your end-buyer wants something unique that shows his or her logo with panache, not predictability. How do you find those unique, yet classic, styles in a sea of blazers and collared shirts? You turn to your number one source for branded fashion advice: Promo Marketing.

Rainy Day Apparel
June 22, 2011

Preview fall outerwear with a sample from industry supplier Tonix.

Editor's Picks: What Women Want
May 10, 2011

Check out some of the hottest promotional apparel for women in this excerpt from our May story, "Femme Fashionable."