Neet Feet

5 Ways to Complete an Outfit and Get Brands Noticed
February 1, 2014

When it comes to corporate fashion, accessories give brands another touch point—one that complements garments in a traditional apparel program. For distributors, accessories offer an additional revenue stream that may have been overlooked.

My Best Promotion
October 1, 2011

In October's My Best Promotion, a distributor worked with a with a large East Coast brewery that wanted to do an inexpensive summer-fun promotion with its top beer distribution partners.

Let's Talk About Shoes
September 21, 2011

London Fashion Week showcased sneakers on the runway. Wouldn't a logo really enhance those comfortable and stylish shoes?

Editor's Picks: PROMOTIONS EAST Edition
June 7, 2011

We're out at PROMOTIONS EAST today for the final day of exhibits, and after four days of Atlantic City weather and booth browsing, we've got some summer trade show-themed Editor's Picks lined up for you.

Product of the Day: Coco Eco Flip Flops from Neet Feet
March 29, 2011

It may be 32 degrees and the forecast is calling for snow Friday, but it's technically spring. Pretend the weather is nice and prepare for summer with the Coco Eco Flip Flops from Neet Feet. Made from recycled coconut fibers, they're much more green than the trees are right now.

Presidents Day Promotions
February 1, 2010

THE UNIFORM MONDAY Holiday Act was signed into law on June 28, 1968, mandating that certain federal holidays be moved from fixed dates to specifically designated Mondays. Why, you may ask, would the government spend taxpayer time and money moving holidays from their traditional dates to arbitrarily assigned Mondays?

Sunny Days Are Here Again?
February 1, 2010

ACCORDING TO THE U.S. Travel Association, a nonprofit travel industry group based in Washington, the travel industry shed approximately 400,000 jobs in the past two years. This number is significant for a market that accounts for 7.7 million U.S. jobs and indirectly affects 10 million others.

Try the Kauai
December 2, 2009

Neet Feet—Kauai Leather Flip Flop

The Kauai Leather Flip Flop from Neet Feet is an all-leather upper flip-flop featuring a recessed insole, arch support, three-layer Pantone color EVA/rubber sole and embroidered leather straps. The Kauai is a top-of-the-line incentive travel amenity and wearable gift. They are also available with an optional "Logo Footprint" that leaves an imprint in the sand.

Take a load off of trade-show promotions.
May 6, 2009

According to John Amsterdam, president of Oceanside, California-based Neet Feet, women and men alike are constantly staggering up to his booth at trade shows, begging to buy a pair of his sandals because they brought the wrong shoes. Could be a good place to start when considering practical trade-show promotions.

Summer School
April 8, 2009

Before you even ask, no, “X” will not be making a cameo on the following list. Why? Frankly, we don’t want to insult your intelligence by insisting that a xylophone is a summer-wardrobe necessity. Not to turn off all the xylophone enthusiasts out there, but it’s kind of hard to throw in a beach bag.
That omission aside, read on for an alphabetized list of styles, tips and information to help you create the perfect summer promotion.