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UPDATE: We've had a great response to the launch of Promo Marketing distributor websites. I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback and assure you that it won't fall on deaf ears. Thanks to distributor site owners we have added new address privacy functionality and are in the process of providing more customization options.

On Tuesday, a federal court ruled that Comcast had the right to limit its users access to certain types of content. At issue was users access to a file sharing service called BitTorrent, which uses a high amount of bandwidth, slowing the speed at which other users access other content.

You know all those freinds you have on Facebook? Say the hundreds and hundreds of them, some of which you really like and others you haven't spoken with in 10 years. Now a new Web site will let any of them review YOU annonomously and for free. Unvarnished.com, currently in beta testing, lets users review friends, families, ex-boyfriends, etc ... without having to leave a name (or even initials). Employees can comment on bosses, students on teachers, and even co-workers on co-workers. While not fully launched, the controversy about its functionality is in full gear.

Since becoming a dad about 14 months ago, I've learned a lot of things--both good and bad. For example, rawhide bones are not the same thing as teething rings. Vomit cleans up nicely off leather. And perhaps most importantly, my innate lack of fashion sense no longer matters. The reality is when I'm pushing a stroller, dolling out “puffs” and chasing my son around in the park, no one cares what I'm wearing.

I know it's only March 10th, but I'm starting to feel it—golf season is near. In my dinning room is a brand-new Big Bertha driver, a Christmas gift from my wife who apparently didn't know just how much the size of your club matters when it comes to golf (I explained it to her).

Everybody loves to ride the wave. In just about 20 or so years the world has gone from the lovable (then annoying) you've got mail to a place where we can't seem to live without the Internet to support our social and work interaction. Need an answer from a co-worker two cubes away, fire off an E-mail. Need to update Aunt Sophie on how the kids are doing—shoot a quick video and send her to You Tube. Want to get new car insurance, drop by Geico.com today.

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