The editors of Promo Marketing often conduct roundtable discussions on life's little inanities. These whimsical side conversations typically occur when the coffee's been flowing like wine, or when the 3 p.m. slump hits and we're all waiting for our second (or third) wind to kick in.

To begin on a slightly more melancholy note this week, we've had quite a few losses lately, haven't we?

It happens every year, typically around late June, but it never fails to take me by surprise. It's a peculiar feeling, particularly because the timing just seems, well, odd.

I love when body parts make a "comeback." Isn't it great? Like, no one had legs until shorts became popular again a couple years ago.

In my life, there exists a triumvirate of discomfort: cold, wet and far from home. When they're experienced separately,

Dear Fashion Industry,
We've been compadres for a long time, but sometimes you do things I just don't understand. I have to lay it on the table here, there are certain aspects of you I am just not OK with.

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