The Promo Marketing Staff

The Promo Marketing Staff
Ross Youngs On Sustainability and Productivity-Enhancing Products

Ross Youngs, founder and CEO of CardNoter and the Univenture family of companies, joins Brendan today to talk about the CardNoter product, as well as some ways promotional products distributors and printers alike can be more environmentally friendly with their promotional products.

Live from PPAI Expo: Drinkware Roundup

Most people have a favorite piece of reusable drinkware. Thanks to single-use bans, water bottle filling stations are the norm at public events. The PPAI Expo was no different. With drinkware being such a huge part of the industry, we explored the show floor to find some of the biggest construction and decoration trends, as well as a few surprises in the drinkware category.

The Best of PPAI Expo: Day Two

Reporting on things like apparel, drinkware, print and displays requires a level of subjectivity. You need to accurately report on technological advancements, how companies have increased their revenue through different initiatives and generally get your facts straight. You know how journalism can be. So, it's fun to do something purely based on "This is fun"…

Live from the PPAI Expo: 8 Apparel Trends and Stories

We've tackled one day of the PPAI Expo here in Vegas, where we showcased some new products and also listed some of our favorite booths, products and trends from around the floor. A lot of our coverage has to do with evolving trends and new products, and there's no better example of consistent change than…

The Best of the PPAI Expo: Day One

It's impossible to soak in everything from the PPAI Expo show floor in one day, but we did see a few things that caught our eye. Maybe they were cool displays, interesting products, or the sweet aroma of grilled meat.

11 Fall Promotional Products Your Clients' End-Users Need

August is almost over, and the temps will (hopefully) start dropping a little bit soon. Once fall rolls around in earnest, it's time for tailgates, bonfires and chilly mornings. Are your clients' end-users ready? If not, here are 11 products to help them get in the mood. 1. 12'' #1 Foam Finger by Amerifoam How…

8 Promotional Products Suppliers Have in Deep Inventory

With supply chain issues and lingering COVID holdups all across the world, a lot of suppliers and distributors will tell you that their most popular products are the ones they have on hand. End-buyers can't be too picky these days, especially if they want something fast. Because of that, distributors should as their supplier partners…