Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a respected industry expert and highly sought after speaker known for his energetic and entertaining presentations. Bill engages his audiences with wit and wisdom earned as a 40-year print sales veteran while teaching new ideas for solving classic sales challenges. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Bill’s two books, The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever and Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? as well as information on his new subscription-based website, The Sales Vault, are available at

The Benefit of Wasting Time

No one loves a good game of Solitaire better than Bill Farquharson, especially as part of a good sales day. Find out more here.

The Best Sales Goal to Have

It’s sales goal season and magic is in the air — or so we thought. This week’s Sales Tip may have you rethink your goals.

The Biggest Sales Call Mistake

It was her biggest sales call and she blew it. She violated the No. 1 rule of sales call etiquette. Read this week’s blog for more.

A New Sales Focus

The success rate for a new sales hire is not great. One reason is a focus on the wrong metrics. Here’s a different idea.

Communication and Follow-Up

A prospective customer asks, “What makes you different?” You can talk equipment and capabilities, or you can take Bill’s advice.

The Longest 30 Seconds of My Life

When a client challenges price, you have two choices: justify or lower. Bill shares a story about a client who asked to cut his price.

How to Handle the Charity Request

This week, Bill Farquharson offers an idea for handling charity requests while still being kind and accommodating.

Stop. Think. Sell.

After observing some professional golfers, Bill made some “swing” changes that crossed over into his sales game. Find out more here.

Five Most Common Sales Frustrations

We often believe that others are doing better, selling more, and suffering less. This week, Bill takes on common sales frustrations.

The No-Lesson Blog

Today, sending files around the world is common. But in 1998, that was something special. Bill retells the story in this week’s blog.