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5 Festive Products for the Fourth of July
June 4, 2015

Independence Day is officially a month away. Time to start planning which parades to watch, fireworks displays to enjoy, and day trips to make to celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here are five items that will make that pursuit a little easier.

Bonus: the Americana look is on-trend right now, meaning these red, white and blue must-haves aren’t good for holiday use only.

4 Promotional Ideas for Father's Day
May 13, 2015

It may be more than a month away, but we've begun thinking about what dads would want for Father's Day. We've narrowed it down to four products, so let's recognize Dad this year with one (or more) of these ideas.

9 Cool Products from Expo East
March 16, 2015

Whether you spent the weekend in Atlantic City or weren't able to make this year's PPAI Expo East, we have nine of the coolest products we spotted while roaming the trade show.

12 Best-in-show Pet Products
February 18, 2015

Though the Westminster Dog Show may have been overshadowed by the Oscars and Grammys, we could never forget our four-legged friends. Here are 12 great promotional items for pets.

The Coolest New Products from the PPAI Expo (So Far)
January 14, 2015

The PPAI Expo is one of the best places to see the year's new products. If you couldn't make it out this year, we've got you covered. From "sporks" to "products that don't have sporks but are still great," here are some of the coolest products we've found so far.

5 Valentine's Day Products You'll Love
January 13, 2015

Valentine's Day is 32 days away. Normally, that means we have 31 more days to forget that Valentine's Day is coming up, only to remember the day before and have to rush out last minute for the same old flowers and candy.

But not this year!

This year, we're going to do it right. We're going to check out these awesome Valentine's Day products, pick our favorite ones and make it a Valentine's to remember. We suggest you do the same with your promo clients.