The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Promo Businesses (Volume 2)

Say the words “social media” to someone, and they’ll typically react in one of two ways. One is to panic at the very thought (or, at minimum, scoff in annoyance). The other is to continue staring at their phone, so engrossed in their TikTok feed that they didn’t even notice you were talking to them.

Yes, social media is a world of extremes. But, love it or hate it, one thing is clear: If social media isn’t a necessity for print and promo distributors, it’s darn close. And, if you put in the time and effort, it can be a real difference-maker for your business.

Time and effort, of course, are often the main obstacles holding us back from truly going all in on social media. Which is why we’re bringing you this guide. We asked six industry experts with proven track records of social media success to share their best tips for six major social platforms. We assembled these into a cheat sheet loaded with beginner tips and advanced strategy (and everything in between) for each channel.

It’s all the info you need, all in one place, so you can take the panic out of posting and be your best self online. Welcome to the second edition of our Ultimate Guide to Social Media.

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