Print+Promo 2023: A Celebration of the Women in Print and Promo

Meet 12 Professionals Who are Making Moves and Laying the Groundwork for the Next Generation of Women Entering the Print and Promo World

By Elise Hacking Carr

The print and promo sector has a staffing problem. This isn’t breaking news, but often the question goes back to this: How can we fix it? We’ve all heard the buzzy catchphrase “Quiet Quitting.” Before that, the conversation turned to the “Great Resignation” — with good reason. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2021, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs, down slightly from the record 4.5 million in November. In Print+Promo Marketing’s 2022 State of the Industry Report, Adriane Harrison, vice president of human relations consulting for PRINTING United Alliance, says the Great Resignation we heard about generally applies to low-wage workers who are tired of being low-wage workers. Life circumstances were another reason. “What we’ve learned with this pandemic is that there’s no one there, there’s no safety net when your childcare provider isn’t available anymore,” she adds. “Then, it’s a decision about do I have a job, or do I take care of my family? And, of course, the answer is always going to be take care of my family.”

Now that the pandemic has been contained, print and promo companies are still feeling the weight of employment issues. Sure, automation is one option. However, the question remains: Where are the people? They’re right in front of you. Women. The proof is in our Women in Print and Promo cover story, which happens to be the 10th edition! This year, we feature 12 strong women who have carved a name for themselves in what used to be a “good ol’ boys club.”

Please join us in honoring their contributions. The 2023 list highlights women of varying backgrounds — from creative directors to CEOs. Their passion for empowering others, including the next generation of women is just one of many things that unite them — hopefully leaving business owners to wonder: Why not women? Read on for their introspective takes on what inspires them, where they’ve succeeded, and how companies can retain female talent.