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I Didn’t Want to Write This
March 5, 2015

As I write this, it is Saturday at 6 a.m. Normally, I would be getting ready for an enjoyable morning run with my friends. Not today. This morning, I’m lying down with a bag of frozen peas on my knee. As much as I wanted to get out, the wise move was to take this Saturday morning off and let my painful and bruised knee heal.

Playing to Win
April 12, 2013

Toys have a lot more power than we give them credit for. Here are the three areas you need cover to win with games and toys.

HALO Branded Solutions Recognizes Sales Leaders
February 14, 2013

HALO Branded Solutions, Sterling, Ill., honored the achievements of nearly 200 top account executives at an elegant gala at the Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel during the largest promotional products show of the year.