Fairway Fashion
March 1, 2015

Golf: America's pastime. What, you thought it was baseball? No way. Football maybe? Still nope. It's golf. We realize this is a controversial statement. A challenge to our national pastime is a challenge to America, to freedom itself—we might as well be telling you apple pie is inferior to cherry (relax, it's not)—but hear us out: PGA of America's Golf 2.0 player-development initiative put the total number of golfers at 28.7 million in 2013. According to Statista, baseball had 17.56 million players in 2014. Football didn't even come close.

2015 Apparel Preview
December 1, 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, suppliers are gearing up for the next big things in style for the coming year. Here are some tips from industry professionals about what apparel items will be 2015's biggest hits in terms of fit, design, function and color.

Selling Women's Apparel
May 19, 2014

Looking to break away from the boys' club or refine your women's apparel skills? The experts weigh in on the trends and best sales practices.

2014 Style: Looking Forward
December 13, 2013

Planning for the New Year is important. Sometimes that planning requires reflecting. With that in mind, here are eight apparel-selling tips we received in 2013 to take you into the New Year.

Promo Marketing Magazine's Augmented Reality Features for September
September 25, 2013

Promo Marketing is excited to announce the augmented reality features for its September issue. Click through to see what pieces have been digitally augmented and made scannable with smartphone or tablet, right off the printed page (or the attached PDFs).

Editor's Picks: Powering Through
September 4, 2013

Next week is Promo Marketing's Power Meeting event in Nashville. Here are 3 corporate styles to make everyone feel like a high-powered salesperson.