Storm Duds Raingear

I'm Only Happy When it Rains
January 9, 2014

This year, as every year has been before it, is the "year of the umbrella," bringing new ways to decorate, build and sell promotional umbrellas.

History in the Making
January 1, 2013

Here is a look back at how umbrellas and raincoats got their start and where they are going. Pay attention, because knowing the history means knowing what you are selling.

Editor's Picks: Just Fall In
August 15, 2012

Legends of the Fall is good. Fall products are great. Click through for a sampling of autumnal wears.

Editor's Picks: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
September 28, 2011

This week Editor's Picks takes a look at promotional rainwear that will continue to be useful, according to, for the next 1,000 days straight. Weathermen are never wrong.

Cloudy with a Chance of Sales
January 1, 2011

If you have ever experienced the pedestrian lifestyle of city living in the great Northeast then you know there are a few important tools you must have in your arsenal for bad-weather survival.

A Spoonful of Sugar
January 1, 2009

MARY POPPINS HERSELF would happily confess the number of times her umbrella was a lifesaver—helping her blow town right before being asked troubling questions like, “Why is the banister so well-dusted?” or “Why are my children spending time with vagrant chimney sweeps?”