Sierra Pacific Apparel

Exercising in Style
April 10, 2013

Many gyms now offer members apparel, food and gear for everyday life. Here's how to get in on this logo-heavy market.

Fore! Fashion!
March 1, 2013

From polo shirts to sports clubs, here is what to look for in golf apparel, where to look for clients, when to sell it, and how to imprint the goods.

Editor’s Picks: Tie Up Loose Ends
December 19, 2012

The holidays conjure up images of peace, sugarplum fairies and the obligatory gift that keeps on giving: a necktie. See some of the latest trends here.

Shear Off Some Sales
July 1, 2012

FLEECE. THE CUDDLY, less waterproof cousin of the jacket. The more sweat-wicky, gym-friendly relativ

Cover All of Your Coat Bases
October 12, 2011

Fashion dictates classic styles for outerwear this fall and winter. Lucky for you, the industry offers coats for each trend.

Editor's Picks: Hood Love
September 14, 2011

This week, Editor's Picks looks at what may be the most popular apparel promotion next to the T-shirt: hoodies and hooded sweatshirts.

TSC Apparel Announces New Brands
March 25, 2011

Cincinnati-based TSC Apparel is now stocking and sourcing HYP, Acro Bag, Liberty Bags, and Hilton, in addition to adding Hanes earlier this year.