Seabell International

Make complicated embroidery work for you.
July 30, 2009

When Carson, California-based Seabell International was approached by a distributor working on a joint promotion between the Houston Astros and NASA, there was quite a challenge on the table. The team wanted to embroider a hat with the names of fallen astronauts, but the task was a bit too much in the way of readability. However, the staff at Seabell International managed to make it work: "One of our sales representatives suggested to do a woven label with all this information," explained Steve Byrens, the company's national director of sales and marketing. By using a patch instead, the traditionally thick embroidery thread could be replaced with something thinner and more conducive to intricate lettering.

Treat your supplier as a design resource.
July 16, 2009

For caps and headwear promotions, going off the beaten design path is becoming necessary. With new imprinting technologies becoming more widely available, there's simply no excuse for a boring logo. But if you're feeling stuck in finding just the right way to incorporate retail trends into your next hat promotion, there is help to be had. According to Steve Byrens, national director of sales and marketing for Carson, California-based Seabell International, the company considers itself to be more of a "design house" than mere supplier. He noted that many clients allow his team to speak directly to the end-buyer to help ease the creative process and come up with a one-of-a-kind promotion that is sure to turn heads.

Turn Heads
June 18, 2009

SAVILE ROW, IN London, is Mecca for sartorially minded men, from Winston Churchill to James Bond. The street is filled with clothiers that specialize in “bespoke tailoring,” or the custom designing of suits per patrons’ specifications and measurements. The result? It’s not just an outfit—it’s a lifestyle. Say you bought your suit on Savile Row, and it will immediately conjure images of martinis, shaken not stirred; fast cars; and an exotic, glamorous life that has no place for off-the-rack garments. Simply, “custom” implies something special. So, why not put those thoughts to work when creating your next promotion?