Promotional Marketing

May 16, 2013

Why... be connected? I've often talked about my love of trade shows and the value of business relationships, which are the cornerstone of a successful business. 

Follow-up: Four Letter Words (Podcast)
December 9, 2011

The guys at Promo Kitchen had a podcast about my swag article, and discuss whether it's a negative or positive word. What do you think?

PPAChicago Announces New Board of Directors
August 10, 2011

PPAChicago is proud to announce its newest 2011-2012 elected board members: Jessica Gibbons from North American Corporation, Bill Petrie from Summit Marketing, Bruce Schermerhorn from Beacon Promotions and Peter Wiggins from ESP Inc.

Five Years
June 17, 2011

This week marked my five year anniversary with Promo Marketing. In an industry with so many 20-year vets, five years may seems a pittance, but for me it's a milestone.