Prime Line

alphabroder | Prime Line Launches Green Team Initiative
September 1, 2021 at 12:55 pm

alphabroder | Prime Line announced the launch of its Green Team Initiative as the company journeys down a new path with the ultimate goal of creating an environmental, social and governance corporate platform that is both meaningful and measurable...

Prime Line Releases Magalog, Introduces 21 New Items
May 22, 2015

Prime Line, Bridgeport, Conn., launched its magalog, titled "New and Trending 2015" that includes 21 new items, as well as top-sellers, in a format that includes infographics, success stories and other editorial content.

Take a Look Inside the Power Box
March 12, 2015

Promo Marketing has mailed out its second Power Box to 600 recipients, which consist of end-buyers and top-selling distributors. The box once again included the newest and hottest promotional products from leading industry suppliers, like 3M, Hit Promotional Products, Logomark, Prime Line and SnugZ USA.

I Am the Real Kim Kardashian
March 4, 2015

This guy sitting at a cubicle behind me just complained about forgetting his wallet. Now he has to ask a colleague to borrow lunch money, let him in and out of the office area to go to the bathroom (we scan our IDs for that), and live the rest of his day being chaperoned like a child.

Funny Videos Sell
January 28, 2015

Adding humor to your video ads can be a profitable move. Bottom line: People buy from companies they like. Don't get me wrong, what your company sells is extremely important, but if you lack personality, people could fail to remember you.

Computer Genius
October 13, 2014

Here are four computer accessories that are quickly growing to be today's most awesome promotions.

Prime Line Introduces 2014 Gift Collection
September 5, 2014

Prime Line, Bridgeport, Conn., unveiled its 2014 Gift Collection, a 68-page catalog featuring 64 new items with both U.S. and Canadian prices. It is available in print and digital versions.