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Frigid Conditions
September 1, 2012

Winter is coming ... and your clients probably need new jackets. Here's what you need to know to make sure the next logoed jacket you sell is warm, durable, attractive and White Walker-proof. (We didn't actually test that last one.)

Increase Your Sweat Equity
August 1, 2010

IT IS AUGUST and the East Coast has been sweating it out in a massive 90-degree-plus heat wave since June, so it's highly unlikely that the cruel, grueling sub-zero temperatures of winter are at the forefront of anyone's mind.

September 1, 2008

For the thousands of customers whose businesses take them into some of the most extreme working conditions, the right gear is essential. Besides the traditional selections of jackets and coats, promotional workwear is evolving to include useful accessories that keep end-users out of harm’s way. SAFETY FIRST The buzzword in promotional workwear these days is “safety,” according to Kevin Xiao, vice president at Ontario, California-based Atteff International. To that end, Xiao said, while traditional jackets and overalls continue to permeate the workwear category, a variety of safety accessories are emerging and gaining popularity. “Traditionally, rugged workwear was mostly limited to work clothes,” he