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Product of the Day: Heavy Duty Coro Stakes from National Banner
July 14, 2011

The most important sign of economic recovery: companies offering breakfast sandwiches for $2.99 again. Help clients get the word out about this all-important news by using signage and Heavy Duty Coro Stakes from National Banner. I really need to stop writing these before breakfast.

The Great Outdoors
April 8, 2009

If you love someone, set them free.”
This, the worst relationship cliché of all time, is routinely followed up by the brilliant logic, “If they don’t come back, they were never yours; but if they do, you own them for life,” blah, blah. Terrible. However, despite its existence on many a tween’s Facebook page, when taken out of the context of a tumultuous love affair, it’s strangely relevant in the realm of promotional products.